WordPress has a good introduction to LaTeX.  Terry Tao also has some good things to say about using LaTeX in WordPress.  Lastly, I use a very efficient LaTeX to WordPress’s LaTeX converter written (in python) by Luca Trevisan.

An example from a well known text:

Let F: \mathcal{K} \times D \rightarrow R be a family of functions, and let A be an algorithm that takes an oracle and returns a bit.  We consider two games as described in Fig. 3.1.  The prf-advantage of A is defined as

\displaystyle   \textnormal{\textbf{Adv}}_F^\textnormal{prf}(A) = \textnormal{Pr}\left[\textnormal{Real}_F^A \Rightarrow 1\right] - \textnormal{Pr}\left[\textnormal{Rand}_R^A \Rightarrow 1\right].

I made this post by first typing up everything into my LaTeX editor (TexShop) and then I used the python script to turn it into the appropriate WordPress code. WordPress doesn’t really have error checking, so I find this to be the fastest way to create posts.

For more information about the particular ‘Roles’ you can have on a WordPress blog, check out here